Mosaic Birdbath

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Create a colorful and unique outdoor birdbath in this two-day workshop! Using rocks, and glass, ball chain and other fun items, decorate a 12-inch terra cotta flower pot drip pan and place in your back yard. The birds will love you. Using the indirect method of construction, create a pattern of your choice on your previously purchased 12” or larger terra cotta drip pan (Home Depot or Lowes) with stained glass supplied by the studio. Some mosaic experience is preferred. Tools and supplies: Mosaic nippers, glass cutting tools, a clean and dry (for at least 24 hours) 12-inch terra cotta flower pot drip pan and a small bottle of WeldBond glue (available at the hardware store). A supply fee of $10 will be paid to the instructor the first day of class to pay for ball chain, pebbles, mosaic mesh, thinset, grout and grout additive to waterproof your birdbath.

  • Date: 3/13/2020 12:30 PM
  • Location: 1601 North Abrego Drive (Map)